License Transfer
This information might be useful if you previously used the old version of Chaos Control and purchased a license.

How Chaos Control licenses work

Your license is linked to your Chaos Control account that can be created under the Settings → My Account section of the app. If you had an account in the old version of Chaos Control your license is already linked to your email. Make sure you are using the same email for your Chaos Control 2 account. In this case the app will see your license and unlock all the Premium features.

If you’ve purchased a subscription for the old app using App Store or Google Play but haven’t created an account yet, you need to register inside the old app to link your purchase to your email. Please note that App Store and Google Play treat Chaos Control 1 and Chaos Control 2 as separate apps, so the "in-app purchase restore" feature won’t work if you purchased a license inside Chaos Control 1 and try to restore it inside Chaos Control 2. That is why we link purchases to your email to make sure you have Premium for the new app if you previously purchased it in the old one.

Please feel free to email us if you have issues with transferring your license from the old app. We are here to help!